Fair Dealing

Fair Dealing

At finexis, we take pride in our business of providing excellent financial advisory services. Our corporate culture and business decisions are guided by our core values which place emphasis on customers’ welfare and interests. The finexis tagline, “Impacting lives beyond finance” further illustrates the Company’s commitment to ensuring fair dealing with all our customers.

  • Confidence that they are dealing with a Company where fair dealing is central to the corporate culture

  • finexis aligns its organisational policies and practices to the fair dealing principles. We emphasise excellent customer service standards, and have ingrained a customer-centric approach to our business culture to ensure fair dealing with all our customers.

  • Products and services that are suitable for our customers

  • We conduct due diligence on all products that we distribute, to accurately identify the features and risk-reward characteristics of every product. By doing so, we ensure that the products recommended will be suitable for our customers.

  • Competent Representatives who can provide our customers with quality advice and recommendation

  • Our Appointed Representatives are trained to conduct robust “Know Your Customer” and product recommendation procedures, to ensure that our customers will be provided with quality financial advice and suitable recommendations.

  • Clear, relevant and timely information to make informed decisions

  • We require our Appointed Representatives to provide information and any relevant disclosures to the customers in a manner that is clear and easy to understand. This is to ensure that the customers understand the product thoroughly and the risks involved before making an informed purchase decision.

  • An effective and prompt channel where customer’s complaints can be addressed

  • We ensure that there are effective channels for our customers to voice their feedback, concerns or complaints. Any complaints will be responded to in a fair and timely manner.
Creating a customer-focused culture is what finexis advocates. We expect our employees and Appointed Representatives to understand the importance of customer-centric service and apply the fair dealing principles to all our customers.

Commitment from the Board of Directors and Senior Management Team

The Board of Directors and Senior Management Team of finexis are fully committed to ensuring the implementation and delivery of a Fair Dealing culture within the Company. They will drive and advocate continuous review and enhancement, to improve existing policies and processes, and adopt best practices in delivering fair dealing to our customers.


We value our customers’ feedback as we believe this will enable us to improve our practice of fair dealing and enhance our customers’ experiences. If you would like to provide us with feedback, please email us at enquiries@finexis.com.sg or call us at (65) 6341 5300.


If at any point you feel that we have fallen short of your expectations, we will greatly appreciate if you take the time to let us know your concerns here.