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A typical financial advisory firm’s offer of a financial consultant career is one that enables you to be able to provide your clients with customised solutions. The company must provide you with the width of product range, depth of training and coaching, and a decent support platform to operate your practice. And of course, possibly a career with decent remuneration.

To us in finexis, these are “table stakes”. What we mean is, these are the expected minimum requirements to compete in this industry.

Our consultants at finexis thrive because they are trained well beyond industry training requirements to grow the impact they’re making to their clients. They place the clients first, give tremendous value, and build long term relationships. Because of that, their clients stay with them.

That said, we are highly protective of our brand, and therefore highly selective of the consultants we groom. Individuals whose sole desire is profits and accolades are duly rejected. Only individuals with genuine heart, passion and desire to make an impact in others’ lives pass our selection criteria – who are then put through our proven training and coaching program to be transformed from beginner to big impact-makers.

Hundreds of aspiring change-makers have joined, grown and thrived as finexis consultants impacting thousands of lives. The question is – are you next?

How We Impact Our Clients' Lives

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